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Unique because: Regulated, Listed, Liquid, Transparent and Independently monitored

D&GIM is the only regulated Fund Manager that manages a regulated, liquid, listed, transparent Fund invested solely in the best Prime London residential real estate .

D&G Investment Management Limited was established in 2005 and is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. Since 2006 D&GIM has managed The Prime London Capital Fund. The Fund has outperformed its benchmarks and its peer group in every quarter since launch. D&GIM has experience of both retail and Institutional investors. The owners of D&GIM are co-investors in the Fund and believe that this commitment is an important signal to investors that the manager‘s and investors’ interests are 100% aligned. We believe that this is one of the reasons we are cautious with gearing and why, during the 2008-09 steep downturn , the Fund’s assets proved to be very resilient. Risk management of the liability side of the Fund’s balance sheet is taken very seriously by the Manager and it has a lot of Treasury experience to hand from its investment advisor.

D&GIM is the only regulated Fund manager that specialises exclusively in Prime London residential real estate and that manages an open ended, listed, liquid Fund. D&GIM is also the only Fund Manager, specialising in Prime London residential, that is monitored by the IPD. Investors take comfort from the knowledge that D&GIM‘s performance and track record is transparent through the monthly listed unit price and regulated by the GFSC and independently monitored by the IPD.